From One Time Fee of Only $5

You Can Reach Higher Levels in F5M-MC and Develop Income For Life!

The flow chart below describes the entry at the Bronze level into the F5M-Millionaires Club
and the steps that will take you to Silver and then the Gold level.


The $5 fee enters you to become a member of the F5M-Millionaires Club which enables you to graduate to silver then gold where the higher levels of income are derived. This can be achieved without any further money being spent or can be accelerated by purchasing directly into the “Gold Booster” once you become a member of F5M-MC. 

The first level of income is derived from the Bronze level and then from the “Gold Booster” (GB). When you sponsor 6 new bronze members, you are going to to be upgraded to the Silver level and entered into the “Gold Booster” without any cost to you. We pay your $25 entry as a bonus of sponsoring 6 members.

What does gold booster do for you? The GB is a 2 x 11 (actually 2x2x2x11) matrix where the $25 entry fee pays for the first seven positions in the matrix. This gives you an instant income as will be seen in your back office. It also provides you with an entry for one month into the Advertising co-op where your referral link will be shown across several advertising mediums.

One unique perspective of the GB matrix is that if your sponsor wishes to purchase another entry into Gold Booster (yes you can buy multiple positions) they cannot purchase it under themselves, they have to purchase under one of their downline. This again provides another seven positions under you that also provides you with income.

This is a unique part of the Gold Booster that is unlike any other matrix of this type where sponsors (and you when you become a sponsor) can place new referrals anywhere in their downline.

The unique thing is that even though your sponsor may place one of their referrals under you, they as a sponsor still receive income from doing that as well. Even more unique is that any spillover from them can be set to be placed under anyone in their downline.

You can probably see from the chart explanation how this method helps enormously new members to enter into the club's main F5M-Wealth System.

When your commission reaches minimum of $10, combined income with your Bronze level commission ($0.50 per new referral) and the Gold Booster, you will get paid out into the payment processor you have selected. This continues until you have been paid a total of $30-$40. Then the next $100 earned will then pay for an entry into the club's main Wealth Systerm WTIA where you will become the "Gold" level member. This is only done if the system has sensed that you are not already at the Gold level. If you are already at the Gold level you will continue to receive your commissions everytime you have over $10 due to you.

In all this is a incredible way to achieve membership to higher earnings for minimal cost and at the same time enabling those who wish to fast track to higher levels.

Special Note: If you join at this lowest level and want to purchase the Gold Booster position,
                     you can do so from your F5M-MC member's area for one time fee of only $25!

The F5M-MC Gold Booster is totally different from anything else that exists out there.
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