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Below are just some of the testimonials
what others have written to John Kielec who is the Founder and President of F5M-Millionaires-Club:

"I Got Paid!" AGAIN!
I love F5M-MC. It's the only program online I actually make money from. And even though the Gold Booster has paid me now over $2,000.00 it's still just the tip of the iceberg of all the different programs associated with F5M-MC I get paid from. I was even in the hospital for 2 & 1/2 years and continued to be paid! I Love This Program! Come Along With Us!

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Hello Everybody,

The F5M Millionaires Club Gold Booster Has Paid Me Again Today.

This is the 8th payout in 10 weeks that I received from F5M-MC Gold Booster since I became an F5M Millionaires Club Member back in February 2011.

As I have previously said, the reason for these frequent payouts are that I joined The Power of One Income 4 Life and purchased TPOOI4L Team Build Positions. These team build co-op produces many new sign ups into my Gold Booster, resulting in more payouts to my Alertpay account more often.

If you are not yet a member of F5M Millionairs Club, which is the most reliable one of a kind Wealth System on this planet where everybody can learn how to earn income from home using a computer and the internet through the complete Guide To Million Dollar Internet Business, this might well be the best time for you to join!

You can join F5M Millionaires Club at either bronze, silver or gold level. If you join at the bronze level you have to invest a one-time fee of just $5 for lifetime-membership.

Here is what you get for a one-time investment of just $5:

  • The Complete Guide To Million Dollar Internet Business
  • Free Replicated Website for Life
  • Free 4 Lead Capture Pages
  • Free Millionaires Report To Give Away
  • Free Hosting For Life
  • Free Autoresponder Email Series That Follows Up With Your Prospects
  • Free Life Conference Meetings Online on Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays
  • Complete Stats of Prospects and Members inside Member's area
  • Special Discounts on Upgrades and Advertising Deal
  • Lifetime membership in the most rewarding financial club on the planet

The F5M-Millionaires Club Bronze Level gives you everything you need to get started your own online business at a one-time fee of just $5 for lifetime-membership.

As a bronze member, you've got everything you need to build a sustainable home based business. However, though you've got all the information and training to succeed, at the bronze level you don't earn money yet. Therefore, being a bronze member in F5M-Millionaires Club you definitely want to learn your business and then start earning money as fast as possible. To achieve this, you have to advertise your business as much as you can. The Guide To Million Dollar Internet Business and the Free Life Conference Meetings Online show you just how to do this for best results.

One of the premium advertising resources for F5M-MC is the Gold Booster and it is exclusively for members only. As you can see from the hundreds of real testimonials here in this forum, the Gold Booster is a Cash-Back Advertising Co-op that produces results and where YOU ACTUALLY GET PAID TO ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS.

Now, how cool is that!

Once you are familiar with your F5M-MC Business your next important step is to enter into the Gold Booster where you get paid to advertise your business, receiving 30 days of top co-op advertising. The way to enter the F5M-MC Gold Booster is free if you are able to refer 6 new bronze members who join under you. Once you have achieved this goal, you've get a paid entry into the F5M Millionaires Club Gold Booster (worth $25) and your journey of making money online

If you've got funds to join F5M-Millionaires Club at either the Silver or Gold Level you will start earning money fast and your income will increase in direct proportion as your F5M-MC Business grows.

But if you cannot afford to pay for the Silver or Gold Level membership by now, you may just join at the Bronze Level which opens you the opportunity to buy your entry into the F5M-Millionaires Club Gold Booster at any time you want for a one-time fee of $25. Then, as you promote your business and new people join under you, there will be coming emails into your inbox from Alertpay saying that you have "Money Received". Then, as you see that the F5M-Millionaires Club Gold Booster has paid you, just come to this F5M Millionaires Club Forum and post here.

I can promise you, the feeling of posting here is good, and the more often you are able to post here, the feeling gets even better.

Wow! Again, and again, and again...

If you want to Supercharge Your F5M Millionaires Club Gold Booster Earnings you can do so by joining The Power Of One Income 4 Life Team Build.

begins.Thanks John For The Payout!
Thanks Maurice For The Power of One Team Build!

Hans Peter
Hans Peter Spadin


Hello to all serious business people!

About 2 years ago, I got in Gold Booster via F5M Millionaires Club. I have been PAID regularly ever since then! I guesss I will be PAID for LIFE? Gold Booster, in my humble opinion, is AWESOME!

If you would like to join us, one time for LIFE, here is a video you can view about How It Works. Also, if you are a happy member already, you can use this video to refer others to Your F5M-MC!


Best regards to all men and women of good will to others.

Mathews Multi-Service


Paid again! Thanks F5M-MC.

PROVE to my satisfaction a better SYSTEM!!!

- PAY ONLY $5.00 one time!
- POSTED documentation of members making money!
- PROVEN record of MEMBERS earning 100k year!
- PEOPLE in the hospital still being PAID DAILY!
- PEOPLE who QUIT 7 years ago, still being PAID!
- PEOPLE who have passed away, still being PAID!
(Their businesses have accrued to their HEIRS!)
- PAID DAILY as earned, CASH to their accounts!
- PLUS increasing annual RESIDUAL income!
- POSITIONED in over 190 countries!
- PROFITABLE for almost 20 YEARS!!!

Show me something better or even equal and I will be more than happy to join your program!

 Maurice Bernier

On December 12, 2009 I joined f5m-millionaires-club -- one of the smartest moves I have ever made.

Lane Scott paid my fee -- I was reconciled on December 13th. I didn't get my 6 people as quickly as I would have liked, but I DID get them. As soon as I accomplished this, the program moved me into Gold Boosters and that paid me $1.00!! Hooray!!

Shortly after this I had only ONE of my frontline move into Gold Boosters. Then the magic began ~~ Here are the increments in which I was paid -- $1.00 -- $10+ -- $18+ -- $27+ -- $32+ -- $37+ -- $42+ -- $47+ -- $52.50 -- $57.40 At the $55.00 amount, this moved me into Silver.

The first $30.00 is for the member's use -- then the next $25.00 is reserved to put the member into Silver -- Now that I am into Silver, I am still earning -- I haven't checked as of this writing, but when I checked as of yesterday March 4, 2010 I had $68+ in my account. It isn't easy to NOT touch the money, but I want to watch the progress!! By the way, I have paid Lane Scott the $6.00 he required for putting me into the program -- $5.00 for the membership plus $1.00 for his AlertPay fee. This $5.00 is for a LIFETIME membership into the program -- your position can be left in your will so that a family member can benefit from what you are doing today.

There is no place you can invest $5..00 and have it grow to $68.00 in a couple of months -- THINK ABOUT IT -- Even if you have an income today, this will give you an EXTRA stream of income just in the event that the other stream fails you.

F5M Millionaires Club and its Wealth System-WTIA has been paying daily for the past 16 years and John Kielec, the CEO and developer of F5M-MC is a brilliant mind with a very HUMBLE soul. Join us today -- do YOUR part -- YOU will be MORE than HAPPY that YOU did!!

I look forward to hearing from and working with everyone in my downline. ~~Beth Goodwin



Just wanted to tell you that The 'F5M-Millionaire-Club' is a wonderful business concept and my business is growing much faster since joining.
This program has all the elements for anyone to build a lucrative income very quickly.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Carolyn Lee 


Hello John,

I have been a Network Marketer for over 6 years. I searched and searched for an opportunity. I am from the Baby  Boomer Generation, we put our kids through school and paid for everything and than suddenly our Retirement fund are just not enough to live well.

Well I found the vehicle to earn extra cash, F5M and WTIA has been a blessing for me. Thanks to my Team leader John Kielec and The Ceo from WTIA Rick Mathews and all the help they gave me. Without their help I would not be here and earning money.

The support and Training is outstanding. This is not a get rich quick business, but with a bit of effort you can achieve  wealth!

Ursula Szego
Sydney Australia



I'm fairly new to internet marketing. I soon learned for myself, and I heard a lot of talk from others, about joining an enterprise and immediately be out on your own with no support.

F5M-Millionaires Club with support and its business concept has proved to be very different. Everyone is readily accessable. They personally answer all my questions and concerns quickly. I receive regular emails with updates, tips and tricks to promote this business.

I am sure The 'F5M-Millionaires-Club' will be a huge benefit to all us newbies as we are guided to earn real income for life.

Wyman Inglett 



I want to thank you for this wonderful club and business. This is the only program we will ever need.

The Millionaire-Club has all the elements necessary to build a million dollar business.

Jim Rattray


Steve Desjardins here from Ottawa, Canada

I joined this business and within hours I had a payment waiting for me in E-Gold, that really got my attention.  F5M-Millionaires-Club is great, and John is always creating new methods to make it even better. The inclusion into a Co-Op Advertising plan is also a feature that really drew me in> If you want to work in a team atmosphere, where just what you learn would be worth the price of admission, then I suggest F5M-Millionaires-Club and its business is for you.

Cheers, Steve Desjardins


Hi John
My name is Chris Brown from the UK. I joined this exciting opportunity a few days ago. I first joined at the Bronze and just before our training session today Saturday 20th December, I upgraded to Silver. I have also joined the Co-Op for advertising and would be grateful for any leads that come my way.
The reason for my email is this.
I have joined many other opportunities over the number of years I have been looking, I have Come across many people who say they will do, but they don't and been let down.
Your website and information is a credit to you and the word Millionaire makes me tingle With just the thought of what could be.
Today I stayed online for over two hours and ten minutes (Great Meeting) I feel I have found a company that will do what they say they will do. I am so excited to be part of this opportunity and YOUR team. I am looking forward to telling, sharing, and helping other people in their quest For success.
I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for giving me this chance and opportunity.
Kind Regards

Chris Brown


Greetings to All!

I have known John Kielec for almost 32 years now. During the course of our friendship, we endured many trials and errors while learning the business of network marketing. John introduced me to our online adventures back in 1990 and before that we were doing mail order.

Wow, 1990!

Do you know how much you can rack up on credit cards doing business online for almost 19 years? Well we racked up plenty trust me. The point I'm attempting to make is this! After going through all these trials and errors together, I quit this business. Yep! About 2 years ago I quit and said that's it I'm never going back! Ya right!  The problem I had with never going back is that John Kielec was still my friend and he was still at it with a passion I've never seen in my lifetime. He was determined to succeed and the word quit wasn't in his vocabulary!

Not only was he going to succeed no matter what, but he would go on to develop something that would finally deliver to the masses what they had been promised for so long and correct the wrongs they had incurred!

You see, he wasn't there just for himself . He truly wanted to help those that had been taken advantage of since, he knew what it was like himself . Bottom line is this !  

  • My friend John Kielec never quits!
  • John truly has a passion for helping others!
  • He doesn't feel successful unless his members are!
  • If your lucky enough to be one of his friends, it's for life!
  • If your one of his members, you will reap the benefits of his vision!
  • If you need his support, he will leave no stone unturned to get results!

I truly am proud to be your friend John and I am truly grateful that you didn't give up on me. Thanks for bringing me back.

Maurice Bernier  


Here are some comments from F5M-MC members who are in F5M-MC Gold Booster Co-op Advertising Pay Plan. These messages can be viewed along with many more in our F5M-MC Forum under "F5M-MC Gold Booster Has Paid Me Thread".

Thanks for paying me today F5M MC Gold Booster !

Special Thanks to John Kielec for looking out for all F5M MC members and to Maurice Bernier for all his help and support.

Warmest Regards,
Barbara Hofrichter


I've been a Gold Booster member just a few days and have already gotten paid.  As a member of F5M-MC I joined the Gold Booster co-op plan which caused me to get paid.

Thanks from Linda


And I am up at the lake camping!
Just goes to show you, do the work NOW
for a FORTUNE later, eh?



When I joined F5M-MC I also bought a position for each of my three children.  Since that time my daughter and I have upgraded from Bronze to Gold.  My two sons were still Bronze.

When the Gold Booster Pay Plan opened up my daughter and I were automatically placed because of our upgrade from Bronze to Gold.  I purchased the Gold Booster for my sons.  In less than 9 days I had earned $19.80, my daughter $21.00 my one son $50.80 and my other son $52.30.  Now my two sons are Silver members and we are on our way to the bigger money.

Without the Gold Booster this never could have happened so quickly.  Now I am offering to place people under my new signups to quickly help them.

The Gold Booster Pay Plan is fantastic.

Gary Gile


Yes the F5M-MC Gold Booster is working great! Just got paid. It is a great great program John has setup for us. Thanks!



Hello All!!

I'm here to report my first F5M-MC Gold Booster payment!!

Thank you John Kielec!
Thank you Maurice Bernier!

You guys are so hard-working, supportive to all F5M-MC club members and your word literally is GOLD!!
I am happy to report this program is working just like John said it would.

Prosperous Blessings, from a very grateful,


Many many thanks first of all to John Kielec for his hard work. This is the first payment ever for us in any online venture

It sure is goooooood!!

Bill and Anne W.


Wow!!! I have only been a member of F5M-MC Gold Booster since the 6th of June and I have already received a Commission payment!

Michael J. K


The Gold Booster is only a few weeks old and I already have received a payment. Thanks John for desining the Gold Booster.

Don Slater


Thanks John,

The Gold Booster is Great, I've made some money and it's very easy to do, this is my kind of Job, I can't wait to move up to the silver and than the gold membership Position with no out of pocket cost , this is just great, Thank again to all.

To everyone success,
Greg Shinbine


GoldBooster is the real deal.  I was paid promptly the first week and can't wait until this weekend to get paid again.  People are appearing in my downline on a suprisingly regular basis.  Thank goodness for F5M.

Norm Purdy


I would particularly like to thank John Kielec for coming up with the idea of the Gold Booster in the first place and for the work involved in getting it up and running.

I earned more from this in my first month than it cost to join and I did no extra work at all.

Thanks again
Mike Ford


Gold Booster, Thank You !

My special appreciation to John Kielec who made this opportunity available to all members of F5M MC and to Maurice Bernier, who offers support and help to all of us.

Kindest Reagrds,
Martin Hofrichter


Hi Fellow F5M Members:

I am happy to report that I have been paid by F5M Gold Booster !!
This is a great system with a great future for its members.



Hi All,

Thank you to everyone on the TEAM. I could only afford to join at the bronze level but saved enough over the next few weeks to enter the Gold Booster Plan and I am now recieving money. I would not have been able to without the help of the TEAM. Because of this I now have a few friends joining. This is really the place to be, I hope I will also be able to help someone else.



Hello! To all Fellow F5M Members:

I am happy to report that I have been paid Today by F5M Gold Booster!! and also bought another gold booster to help someone else. Special Thanks to John Kielec for looking out for all F5M MC members and to Maurice Bernier for all his help and support.and i also this is going to be one very exiting ride!

Steven D.


Gold Booster paid me today.. I Bought another position. Will buy co-op advertising each time I am paid....Which Will give me a new position also ,and help somebody else get paid at the same time  .
Thanks John..

Great Program,
Don Crocker


I got paid from the F5M-MC Gold Booster! This worked just as John said it would.
Your able to start with as little as $5.00.

Thanks Guys Keep up the good work.

Keeping It Real,



This is wonderful.I have been paid every time so far from Gold Booster.This is like Christmas every week.Thanks so much.



Gold Booster paid Me and my daughter, she made almost 3 times as much as me because i had the option to put her ahead of me. One of the great features at F5M-MC, i actually did it to all my recruits, its about helping others and i made that choice. These other programs have never done that for me.
Thx for all you do.

Keith Flaherty


I was PAID by Gold Booster - AGAIN!
Thank you John Kielec for creating this
opportunity and sharing it with F5M-MC Members,
like ME! CHEERS! Rick Mathews


I am happy to report that John Kielec lives up to his promises. I got paid more than I have ever been paid from any of my other programs that I have been in for several years and I just joined the Gold Boosters Club in June.

Sara Lutz


WOW!! I got paid!

I have never made money from the internet before,this business is the best! I have done a lot of jumping around from business to business... I am so glad I finally found the right one.. I am in this one for life! You are the best. Thank you John for your support, and guiding us in the right direction.

Pamela T.


Hello, I have been paid by F5M Gold Booster plan several times so I know that it works. Come and see for yourself.



I've never earned and been paid so fast as with the F5M Gold Booster pay plan.  I'm excited and blessed to have found this program.

Don Roberts


Gold Booster has paid me!

Gold Booster is THE ANSWER!

If you have not joined GB yet, DO SO NOW!
It guarantees immediate money and makes
every new member earn immediately!

F5M M-C has found THE ANSWER to all online
businesses. It is STOPPING people from FAILING!

Thanks John Kielec!

Konstanze-Marie A.


Hi everyone,

This is my first ever post in a forum so bear with me!

I am a proud member of F5M-Millionaires Club with the new Gold Booster Pay Plan and -I just got paid!

I signed up as Bronze member for only $5.
I had 1 signup in my downline.

The New Gold Booster Pay Plan and Co-op advertising program launched in June which I joined for only $25. Within just a few minutes I had my levels 1 & 2 filled and had earned a small commission. With a little promoting I got 4 signups in Gold Booster and just last weekend I actually got my first ever commission payment of $35.40 sent to my account! Of that first commission, $25 was automatically taken out and used to pay my way in Fortune 5 Minutes(F5M) leaving me with $10.40.

I don't have a huge downline or list to mail to, but just imagine if I did how much my commissions would increase!

I almost have enough commission built up for the next payout and have another signup, looking for more by the end of the week.

Slowly but surely I will work my way to a good income. Not a lot of hype like a lot of other programs that promise so much and don't deliver. These programs have been paying for over 15 years in over 150 countries.

This program really does pay and I am going to promote it every day and get my entry paid into the other F5M "Wealth System" programs and soon I will have a very good income!

See for yourself. Check out the sites and join me now!

A special thanks to John K and Maurice B. and the rest of the F5M-MC crew for their hard work and support.

Thanks for your time.

L Miller