How The F5M-MC Gold Booster Co-Op Advertising Works!

One F5M-MC Gold Booster position costs $25 and it includes up to 30 days of co-op rotating 

Cost break down of the Gold Booster (GB):
Out of that $25 almost $20 goes out in commissions to members.
AlertPay/STP/Credit Card transaction fees, average cost $ 1.75 - $1.85
Fees which includes monthly hosting & site maintenance $1.60
Money left for GB Co-Op advertising $1.55 - $1.65

How Does The GB Co-Op Advertising Work:

For each Gold Booster position member buys, that position is for life which will earn you income for life.
Now for each GB position bought, member gets entered into the 30 day co-op advertising which rotates ALL current co-op members or the ones that are in the 30 day range and have not expired yet.

For the $1.55 that is spend on advertising from each GB position bought is not much but pooling together (co-op), this can increase the advertising power greatly. What type of advertising can you buy today for $1.55? The F5M-MC Gold Booster co-op advertising does generate fairly good response according to our records. It generates many interested Prospects and those who Work With Their Prospects, they turn some of them into Paid sign ups.

How Does The GB Co-Op Ad Rotator Work:

Let's say we have 100 members who have bought the Gold Booster position in one month. All those 100 members will be entered into the Co-Op Advertising Rotator. All 100 members will rotate starting with the first entry and going down through all of them. Once it has reached the bottom or went through all of the members, it starts all over again and it will continue to do this until the 30 days are over. Then that member is dropped off. Each new member that is placed into the rotator is set to generate 2 to 4 Prospects first time around. When you go 2nd time around, the rotator is set to generate you 3 to 6 Prospects. Sometimes you might see Prospects every 2nd or 3rd day and sometime might take 4 or more days as you rotate. The other factor is based on the Prospect availability that our promotions generate.

Where Do These Prospects Come From?

The F5M-MC advertising department buys 2 to 4 million of advertising credits/impressions that are used for the Gold Booster co-op advertising. These advertising credits are used in Traffic Exchanges, Text Ad Exchanges, Banner Ad Exchanges, Sold Ads, Pop Up Ads, Rotating Classified Ads, Site Impressions and Redirected Traffic.

We use our current 3 F5M-MC capture pages (crazy uncle cap page #4 is excluded), plus we set up additional capture pages to promote F5M-MC to get Prospects. As these Prospects reply to our promotions, they are then distributed to members who are in the GB rotator. Also each member who is the GB Co-op Rotator receives up to 25,000 impressions/ views to their F5M-MC capture page #2. These advertising impressions/views produce additional  5 to 11 Prospects. Our stats show that GB co-op advertising produces 6 to 14 Prospects (in some cases up to 24 Prospects) per 30 day of co-op advertising for each Gold Booster purchased.

Knowing something about the type of Prospects that are out there:
=> http://www.easynetbiz4u.com/Prospects.html

Please note: F5M-MC Gold Booster co-op advertising DOES NOT guarantee any kind of results or PAID sign ups.
    The '30 Day Auto Advertising Program' (30 DAAP) which is totally different from GB Co-Op does guarantee results.
                        30 DAAP details: =>  http://www.easynetbiz4u.com/autoadvertising.html